4 Responses to “Q&A: Please Help! Feels Like A Painful Air Bubble Trapped In My Chest And Throat! I Don’t Have “Reflux” What Is It?”

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  1. taximomuv3 says:

    Buy some Gas-X or Mylecon – that will get rid of the foamy gas bubbles. I’ve had that happen on occasion, but not too often. If it’s happening a lot, you might want to keep a food diary and see what foods are triggering it. My first thought would be the beer. It does hurt though – I know exactly how you feel – almost like your esophagus (sp?) is going to explode!

  2. HandyMan says:

    It’s likely some gastro-intestinal thing and looking at the things you eat, it’s not surprising.
    Get the doc to check for ulcers, acid reflux, gastritis, etc.
    In the meantime, cut down on coffee, tea, milk and all fruit juices, coke, spicy food. Stick with a bland diet until you see your doc.
    I think he’s gonna tell you to change your diet dramatically. Stomach and intestinal problems are normally easy to fix, but if you neglect them, they can be very, very nasty. I speak from experience.

  3. Just Breathe says:

    It sounds to me like you DO have acid reflux disease. This is a classic symptom. Go get some Pepcid or Zantac…and maybe even some Mylanta as well, and take as directed.

    You say you don’t have a problem with spicy foods…well, your body is saying different! Also…it’s NEVER good to eat spicy foods (or any food for that matter) and lay down right afterwards…not to mention the alcohol and sugar.

  4. Kelly Q says:

    Man, I don’t mean to contradict you, but it really does sound like reflux. Reflux isn’t always “heartburn” – sometimes can just be pain in your esophagus due to acid. And it sounds like you did quite a bit to provoke it – spicy food, starch, beer, and chocolate. Those are all things that trigger acid production. If you go to sleep and your stomach releases just a little bit of acid, it will sit there and burn.

    One thing I have found that helps with that is elevating my head a little bit when I sleep.

    I’ve had reflux since I was probably 12, but I wouldn’t say I’m any expert. Just try to wait it out as long as you can until you can get in to a doctor. Hope that at least helped a little bit :)

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