Loose productive cough at evening (excess mucus): GERD (Acid reflux), asthma or sinus dilemma?

Query by Daemon Kogura: Loose productive cough at night (excess mucus): GERD (Acid reflux), asthma or sinus issue?
I’ve had a persistent loose productive cough with asthma attack for two many years. Chest x-rays taken mentioned they were clear. Months ago a medical doctor told me it was possibly acid reflux cough without heartburn.
With diet and stomach protective tablets daytimes cough attacks soon after meals are now quite uncommon but still I wake up at evening (among 1AM and 3AM) coughing and expelling mucus. Sitting for 30/60 minutes tends to make the symptom disappear and sleeping the rest of the evening is excellent. Asthma inhalers spray aids a lot since it tends to make breathing easyer but I do not consider it’s proper.

Also mainly late evening and night, I really feel lungs complete of mucus and during the daytime I’ve to clear my nose often.

I’d like to know if the details are connected in some way, if GERD is the cause of the pulmonary mucus (bronchitis), the cough with asthma and the nose operating (I noticed the nose closing after extreme meals).

Or possibly it is a paranasal sinuses issue that is now creating every thing.

What do you believe?


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Answer by JOHN
The FASTEST and Finest I have located for symptoms is a teaspoon of baking soda in a little glass a couple of sips as required

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  1. Emily says:

    Have you gotten tested for Whooping Cough?

  2. kim d says:

    its your sinuses at night they get worse because of the change of weather.i have the same problem some times its so bad i cant sleep.it messes with our asthma.u can try a neti pod it clears your nose out and helps with the mucus.u can get 1` on line.they don’t cost much.hope this helps. and good luck.

  3. Vic says:

    Make sure you lie down / sleep at least 3-4 hours after your meal. Elevate the head of your bed by 5″ to 6″ (you can get some wood planks from places like lowe’s, home depot or ace). If after a few weeks there is still no relief in the heartburn / acid reflux / GERD and you still experience the symptoms everyday, I’d try systemic (oral) steroids instead of topical ones.

    For the sinus problems, check for a deviated septem. If that’s not a problem, try a prescription drug like rhinocort aqua to see if it relieves your problems. May be get an allergy test. Also drink orange juice everyday, avoid dust, rest / sleep well, exercise, wear loose fitting clothes and by all means find ways to relieve stress.

  4. sheridean says:

    Acid reflux may cause bronchial asthma:
    Reflux may induce reflex bronchial spasm
    Acid may be aspirated in minimal amounts and initiate broncho-constriction
    Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract associated with reflux releases chemical substances which mediate bronchospasm.
    About 75% of patients with asthma have acid reflux disease. Reflux symptoms usually precede attacks of wheezy chest. Asthma is also initiated by the same dietary and lifestyle factors which trigger acid reflux symptoms. There is a good response to proton pump inhibitors given twice daily and treatment should continue for at least two months.

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